Pelican Inn. Dog Island, Florida


About Dog island


Dog Island is a small, pristine barrier island located in Florida's Apalachicola region, approximately 75 miles east of Panama City or 50 miles South of Tallahassee.

The Experience:

During the day, enjoy a gorgeous undisturbed white sandy beach littered with shells, swim in emerald green-blue waters, rest under the gazebo or sunbath on the deck. Cook up your favorite dinner while listening to the sound of the surf feet from your door.

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Plan your trip to Carabelle, Florida. Dog island is accessible only by boat, ferry or airplane.. You will need to book a charter or take the local islad ferry service. Contact the local Tow Boat US for a ferry schedule or their private charter.


Dog Island Airport (FAA LID: FA43), which opened in 1930, is an un-towered, private use airport located by the Eastern bay of Dog Island. It is basically a flat, sandy grass strip that is 2700 feet long x 120 feet wide. It is used regularly by small aircraft pilots.

Travel Information

Pelican Inn:

The Amenities:

Each of the 8 units is 400 square feet and includes 10 foot sliding glass doors, one queen size bed, a queen size futon or sofa bed, and complete kitchen.

A 100 ft deck runs the entire length of the inn and has a swing and chairs, and seperate gazebo.

The Building:

Initially build in the 1960's the original structure is largely unchanged from its initial design. Built on the top of deep auger-cast concrete pilings, footings, and cinderblock hurricane walls, the main structure is very strong and has endured many storms.

Dog Island is unspoiled, pristine Florida. No condos, high rises, paved streets with bright lights! It's lush vegetation without commercial intrusion, is a nationally renowned bird sanctuary and sea turtle nesting habitat. The island has electricity from the mainland...but nothing else...NO STORES! You bring everything you will need, hop on a charter boat or plane, and just get away from the hustle and bustle of 21st century life. Cell service from mainland towers is usually good throughout the island.