Pelican Inn. Dog Island, Florida


About Dog island


Dog Island is a small, 6.8 mile long pristine barrier island located in Florida's Apalachicola region, approximately 75 miles east of Panama City or 50 miles South of Tallahassee. The Nature Conservancy owns most of the island, while the remainder is privately owned residential property.


Humans have used the island for over 8,000 years, creating a rich maritime history. During the 17th century and 18th century the barrier islands became a haven of piracy and smuggling. It was used as a staging base by the Union army during The Civil War. There have been numerous shipwrecks off the island, which since been turned into diving and fishing destinations.


Dog Island is part of a delicately balanced ecosystem. Guests to the island are encouraged to read about the local ecosystem, especially regarding the sea turtle nesting. The healthiest river system in the country, the Apalachicola River Estuary, lies between Dog Island and the mainland.


Being a pristine environment with a large nature area means rare bird colonies, wooded paths, and pristine waters are the norm! There aren't any stores or restaurants on the island. Sea turtles lay eggs and hatch on the island every year so exterior lights are to be kept out during this time.


Dog Island Airport (FAA LID: FA43), which opened in 1930, is an un-towered, private use airport located by the Eastern bay of Dog Island. It is basically a flat, sandy grass strip that is 2700 feet long x 120 feet wide.


The island is accessible only by boat, ferry or airplane. Contact the local Tow Boat US for a ferry schedule or their private charter.

The Pelican Inn Experience

The Experience:

During the day, enjoy a gorgeous undisturbed white sandy beach littered with shells, swim in emerald green-blue waters, rest under the gazebo or sunbath on the deck. Fish, Kayak, Bird Watch, Hike around the island. Finish the day by cooking up your favorite dinner while listening to the sound of the surf feet from your door.


You need to bring all your supplies. Treat this stay like you are renting a condo unit. There is a refrigerator and stove and basic cooking utensils; however you need to bring everything you will need for your stay including food, drinking water, toiletries, condiments, ice, etc.

There is a central garbage and recycling dumpster on the island. There is sporatic Ice available at the un-manned fire station.


Do you like fresh seafood? If so, the fishing is great! There are also clams, blue crabs and coquinas in abundance. For star gazers, the night sky is magnificent. If you're a beach comber, you can walk all around the 6 mile island; if you're a bird lover, expect to see eagles, osprey, brown pelicans & terns among the 300 identified species on the island.